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Welcome to Becoat Photography

Becoat Photography is a Seattle based photography company, devoted to capturing everyday images that touch human emotion. Each photograph serves a single purpose, to simply share the beauty of God’s heart with you. His striking creation, which we see, or more importantly, we miss each day in this incredible world inspires each piece.


Think about how many of our lives are often a little too focused on pleasing others. When we allow the world around us to dictate our moods, we forfeit our own peace. When we take a moment to stop and breathe, to temporarily get lost and inspired again, we can actually find a new perspective on what’s happening around us and inside of us.


You’re personally invited to become a part of the Becoat Photography mission of stopping the world for a moment, and just getting lost in a place where you'd much rather be. 


Come browse the galleries, stop on an image that moves your heart. You’ll be inspired to take time for you  more often. Just escape into the pixels and enjoy.

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